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AsiaPOP Comicon Manila 2017: The Netflix Experience

I was recalling the first time I went to this event last year: it was because of the announcement that Millie Bobby Brown, the 13-year old who took the world by storm by portraying Eleven in the Netflix Original hit series, Stranger Things, was coming to Manila. I am a huge fan of her and the show that I immediately went into fangirl mode and made it my mission to find out if she's doing a fan meet. I was lucky enough to win APCC's contest and got a chance to see her in the flesh, get a photo op with her. My lucky didn't end there as I was able to have something autographed by her too (AJ, you're the best!). I'm no cosplayer nor a comic geek but it was an amazing experience for a newbie like me.


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Photo Opp session with Millie Bobby Brown

AsiaPOP Comicon Manila 2016 for Netflix


Fast forward to this year several weeks ago, APCC just released the guests and none of them are from Netflix. I had no plans to come this year, but a few days before the event, the organizers dropped a bomb: 4 of the cast of Stranger Things are going to be at APCC for Netflix! And you knew what happened to me right after. I was also told that Netflix is doing a proper exhibit and that was something to look forward to. I was on a tight budget but decided to wing it and bought a 2-day pass just to see what Netflix is up to, and a silent plea to the gods of strange things that if ever they decide to hold a meet and greet with the cast, I wished my luck from last year could make an appearance this year too.

So what's inside the Netflix exhibit that made it a crowd favorite this year? I got you guys on this one. Here's a visual series of the exhibit and the experience zones of some of your favorite shows. Though I wasn't able to go inside the DeathNote zone due to the long queue. You have other parts of APCC to visit, you know?😉


Stranger Things

See the experience zone for this amazing show—It's the biggest and best of all too! Though I might be biased because I'm a die-hard fan!😂



Up next is this teen drama/thriller series loosely based on the Archie Comics. I saw the vixens in the queue to get inside the zone. Betty and Jughead were here somewhere too.


The Defenders

Netflix just released The Defenders, a new series featuring Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist coming together to protect New York from The Hand (at least that's the case in season 1). Each member of the group has their stand alone series that you can stream right now.


Orange is the New Black

The last one is the Orange Is The New Black experience zone. I just came up with an inside joke for this area: They'll make you look good before you go to jail because, of course, you should do jail time in style. Just kidding.


Meeting the Cast of Stranger Things

Season 2 looms around the corner, just in time for Halloween and there are new characters to watch out for! One of them is Max, played by Sadie Sink and Billy, portrayed by Dacre Montgomery. Will they help the gang resolve the strange things happening around Hawkins, or will they make things stranger?

As for my silent plea earlier, it seemed like luck is on my side again this year because I met both Sadie and Dacre, together with Joe Keery, who plays Steve Harrington (and I gotta say the hair lives up to my expectations!) and Noah Schnapp, known as Will, the boy who went to the Upside Down and back.

The opportunity was unbelievable! Judging by the photos, they look amazing in real life! I feel like we've just been photoshopped with a picture-perfect gang.They're all very kind and welcoming to their fans, but I got to hand it to Joe—he's the nicest bloke and he stole my heart (sorry, Jonathan, I'm now Team Steve), you'll see my moment with him below, my face says it all. Also, that "hi" from Sadie caught on camera, even if all you can see is my back, lots of blurred photos and me looking like I could use a day's worth of sleep (because I really do, I've been awake for more than 24 hours during this event)? Stil. So. damn. worth. it. 😂



The Verdict

I just love how at the end of the exhibit, Netflix has this. What makes up their shows and what do we get out of them. Clearly, they know what they're doing. Kudos guys! This is amazing!

I love that through this, they were able to bring together our favorite shows in one event—and to actually recreate them through these experience zones so we can relive our favorite parts/moments from watching these shows, and immerse ourselves to be a part of it as much as they're a part of us. It's not only a feast for our eyes, as it is a treat to our buds (the Pop's chocklit milkshake treat), the musical scores, the details. It's a multi-sensory experience! Definitely, a well thought-of initiative.

The Netflix Mind Map

The Netflix Mind Map

Netflix went above and beyond with their exhibit this year! From the massive setup, production design and even the freebies, it's an understatement to say that they did well because they absolutely killed it! Also, I'd like to thank Netflix for the opportunity to meet the cast of Stranger Things—it's one for the books, just like last year! I hope this little post could express my gratitude to you guys.