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How The Social Whatnot Came to Life

I've been working in the advertising industry for roughly four years now—and it took three years for this little website to happen. No, that's how long I've been wanting to have my own website, because I've been told countless times that having this space online could do well for every somebody who wants to be known for their career.

So why did it take three years for me to do this? I'll tell why.

I'm not a designer.
I don't know how to code.
I don't know how to use Photoshop (and I still don't, at this point).
I don't what to put on the website.
I don't know what I want to be known for.
I don't know.
I really don't know...

While these things seemed understandable during the time, looking at it now, I saw these things as excuses. There are ways to do it—tons of them. You can even ask help from other people, even your friends. I guess what lacked from me three years ago was the drive to do it. How badly did I want to create this? I was looking at the idea of this space for the wrong reasons. I understood it now. 

During the rainy season of 2016, when I was still working full-time, I started drafting my plan on how to execute this. How would I want it to look like? I have developed a love affair with black and white photography and thought of using the photographs I took as the background of the website to set an identity to it. I've been known for my monochromes, so why not use what I have, right? And with Squarespace's templates, my art and personal projects (I've also developed an interest in design), I was able to do it in three weeks. From a colleague's credit card (to pay for the fee, I don't have a credit card), a friend giving me a free domain and designer friends I kept on bugging to critique my work, this website was born. 

From the entire process of creating The Social Whatnot, I was able to answer my own question: What do I want to be known for?


The Social Whatnot's first look. 

The Social Whatnot's first look. 

More than being known for doing social media and content or being inclined with the creative side, I want to be known for not giving up. For pushing towards my dreams and aspirations. For finding ways to make things happen because nothing really is impossible. Your determination, dedication, and drive should be bigger than your fears—sometimes even bigger than your dreams. This little project was a validation to all these.

A month after this website went live, I was able to reap one achievement: The Muse chose The Social Whatnot as one of the honorable mentions for 2016's Best Personal Websites, powered by Squarespace. That's what they call "icing on the cake", right?

Now here I am with glasses, bed hair, eye bags and an imperfect point of view, sharing every bit about the things I love. Oh, and my current journey with social media too—dating it, having dinner with it, pulling all-nighters with it. I'm working my way to third base as we speak.

I'm sure I'm still going to mess up a lot, but hey, that's part of the whole experience right? I'd rather fail often so I can learn how to fail better than not fail at all.


Cath Pascual